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Global Risk Consulting – https://globalriskconsulting.co.nz


Global Risk Consulting is a global enterprise risk management company that has provided a range of high level services, advice and consultancy to clients across New Zealand and the world. Understanding the risk landscape helps us to interpret what is before the client and the level of exposure they may be unprotected against.  This helps identify the immediate and long term controls that can be implemented to reduce risks down to acceptable levels of control.

OWNZ relationship with GRC

GRC has a proven track record across a range of industries with a broad range of clients and have continually been at the forefront of understanding the changing security dynamics. We aim to provide OWNZ with the latest security briefs, updates, travel advice to ensure they remain safe to go about their work.


Website: https://globalriskconsulting.co.nz

Int Cell No: +64021780676

Work Email: chris.kumeroa@globalrisk.co.nz