National Records in New Zealand – Sports and Gambling Stats

Weightlifting, other sports, and casinos!

National Records in New Zealand – Sports and Gambling Stats

How People Have Fun In NZ

New Zealanders are people who truly know how to enjoy life and have fun in their everyday lives

While gambling and online casinos are one of the top entertainment forms in the country, Kiwis also enjoy sports and an active lifestyle. 

The most popular sports like rugby, cricket, football, and even basketball are available to locals year-round, but we also want to separate weightlifting. 

Besides rugby, weightlifting is one of the most followed passions for New Zealanders, and they have a very strong Olympic Weighlifting Team. This sport helps people build muscles, increase their endorphins, and generally enjoy life. 

As you see, Kiwis love an active lifestyle which gives them fulfillment and makes them one of the happiest nations in the world. 

Always seemingly relaxed, Kiwis do not shy away from gambling. Quite the contrary, the love of playing casino games and pokies especially, which has become almost a national thing.


New Zealanders are in the top 5 countries worldwide for adult person average gambling spending, so we can dive a bit deeper into national stats and records for you to see the actual situation. 

Learn to have fun from the best!

On top of that, we made a list of local casinos and sports clubs so that you would have all the information. Enjoy it!