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Welcome to the Club resource section for their Member Management & Online Payment system

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MY PLATFORM was developed in partnership with IMG Sports Technology Group, it provides the weightlifting community with a variety of tools to facilitate administrative functions at national and club level, along with providing every individual participant with access to the system to view and maintain their personal details and pay for services offered by Olympic Weightlifting NZ.

Clubs are recommended to use this system to collect their own membership registrations and fees.


I am a club, how do I get access to this?

Once you have completed the affiliation process of becoming an OWNZ Club,  you have the option of using your own MYPLATFORM console. Please request your master login/password by emailing

After you have completed this, you will be asked the following questions to assist us in setting up your own console….

1. What membership subscriptions does your Club need?
For example, competitive member, secondary school member and supporter

2. How much is each membership subscription?
For example, your competitive membership is $25 and your supporter membership is $15

3. What questions do you want included on the membership forms?
You will be provided with a list that you can pick from, add too and remove if need be. 

Once we have this information we will log into your Clubs MemberDesq and set up the following:
Subscription Types
Subscription Fees
Registration forms & questions for each subscription type


What is MemberDesq & how do I use it?

MemberDesq is the portal used for Clubs to collect their membership subscriptions. Because OWNZ uses MemberDesq as well, once someone has completed a registration through this system their login details can be used for BOTH their Club and OWNZ.

Below is the link to all of the information that the Club Manager will need to finalise this portal, go live and manage their registrations throughout the year.

Click HERE for the MemberDesq Help Page


What do I need to complete before our Clubs portal can go live?

Please remember that by answering the membership subscription questions stated above, we have already done the hard work for your Club.

The remaining steps that Club managers need to complete before going live are:

1. Setting up the portal so that it includes all of the Club Information that your members need when registering.
(Guidelines on how to do this can be found HERE)

2. Submit your club bank account details for payment settlements
(Click HERE for the form to submit your clubs bank details)

3. Test your portal before going live!!

4. Add the portal link to your Clubs website for your members to access


I am still having problems, who do I ask for help?

There are various levels of support for all users of the MYPLATFORM console.

Option One: HelpDesq
This can be found by clicking here or alternatively on the black ‘support’ tab available on any page within the console. Through the HelpDesq you can also ask questions from the client services team.

Option Two: Webinars
Please see a visual guide to setting up your Club Member Management Console below:

Option Three: Contact
Please don’t hesitate to contact:

Andrew Gowling
IMG STG – Client Services
Phone: (09) 415 1962
Mobile: 021 995 244

IMG System Overview Webinar

The IMG System Overview webinar (below) is a step by step visual guides for clubs to set up their member management consoles.