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Happy New Year to all OWNZ members.

As previously advised, all existing memberships for 2020 prior to 24 November have been extended to 1 February 2021. This extention was to allow for testing and implementing our new database system.

You will be advised individually on the new process in the next couple of weeks. Your new membership will last for a full 12 months until 31 January 2022.

On behalf of the OWNZ Executive Group and team, we wish all our members a safe and happy festive season.

The IWF Masters Federation have advised that this event will be an “on-line” competition, but have not yet finalised details.

For information on the entry process select READ MORE and then click on PROCESS

Sky Sport have created a highlights package using the footage from this year’s Nationals.   This is going to air on Sky Sport 9 on 17th December.  It will also premiere on You Tube after this date and we will provide the link once this is available.

OWNZ have been working on our national membership database in order to provide a more cost-effective, flexible, more reliable and well supported option that complies with the amended Privacy Act.

This process has been occurring for some months, and additional functionality will continue to be developed and introduced over time, with the main aim being to provide better information and resources for members and clubs.

The first priority was to implement a new membership database in time for the 2021 year, that is capable of dealing with the changes in membership rules confirmed at the 2020 AGM.

The major outcomes to date are;

  • Process for “New Members” commenced 24 November and is now operating
  • All membership registrations are now on a “rolling” basis – ie; a full 12 months membership from the “anniversay date”
  • All 2020 membership registrations prior to 24 November are extended to 31 January 2021 (the anniversary date for renewal for these members becomes 1 February from now on). The process for re-registration will be communicated prior to expiry.
  • Those members registering on or after 24 November 2020 have 12 month anniversary dates of when they registered
  • New club affiliation and existing club re-affiliation will be completed on-line. The process for renewing club affiliation (due 1 January 2021) will be communicated in the next few days.
    Attached is an “update” on where we are up to at the moment. Additional updates will be communicated as additional functionality is rolled out.

Information on the changes to date can be accessed by clicking on UPDATE 1

It is with a heavy heart that OWNZ announces the passing of Dr. Giovan Vincent Anthony (Anton) De Croos at age 81. Originally from Sri Lanka, Anton had won multiple National Championships and represented Sri Lanka on the international stage. He later moved to New Zealand where he continued his lifting, claiming National titles here as well.

Outside of his own lifting career Anton coached multiple athletes down in Invercargill, some of whom went on to win National titles of their own. He was the team doctor for the Commonwealth Games weightlifters in both 1974 and 1990. An exceedingly generous man Anton would often front his athlete’s expenses to remove any barriers from competing.

Anton has had a lasting influence on New Zealand weightlifting and he will truly be missed.

A very tight result against Australia with only 60kg difference in the result – unfortunately in Australia’s favour! NZL lying fourth, with the next round on 18-19 December against Papua New Guiea.

To get the full results, select READ MORE and then ROUND 6

OWNZ is pleased to announce that member Paule Poulin achieved the IWF Category 2 refereeing qualification at this year’s National Championships. We congratulate Paule for her achievement, and wish her well in her future refereeing career.

AUT are currently undertaking research potentially helpful to weightlifters. They are asking for participants to volunteer their time and efforts to assist in investigating the relationship between proximity to failure and barbell velocity and the impact of training history, practices, personality, strength, and sex. In theory, this relationship, if proven reliable, should allow for more precise training monitoring, prescription, and fatigue management. We want to determine if velocity can/should replace subjective exertion scales in real-world settings.
The attached flyer lists the eligibility criteria (which are primarily: regularly squatting, having been training for at least 6 months, being 18-40 years old) and the contact details.