2016 Oceania Championships

Updated results of our NZ team that competed at the 2016 Oceania Weightlifting Championships

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Event Information

Comp venue

Event Host

The 2016 Oceania Weightlifting Championships is run by the Fiji Weightlifting Federation and the Oceania Weightlifting Federation.
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Event Dates

This competition was held in Suva, Fiji from the 23rd – 28th May 2016. 

Results & Media Links


27 Medals won for the NZ Team!

Senior Gold x 2
Richard Patterson Mens 85kg & Pip Patterson Womens 53kg

Senior Silver x 1
Tracey Lambrechs Womens 75kg+

Senior Bronze x 5
Charlotte Moss Womens 53kg, Alethea Boon Womens 63kg, Amanda Gould Womens 69kg, Vester Vilalon Mens 69kg & Rory Taylor Mens 105kg

Junior Gold x 2
Cameron McTaggart Mens 77kg, Vernon Taylor Mens 94kg & David Liti Mens 105kg+

Junior Silver x 4
Paige Lawgun Womens 53kg, Kohu Kawiti Womens 58kg, Anthony Taylor Mens 69kg & Brayden Maea-Brown Mens 105kg

Junior Bronze x 4
Annah McPherson Womens 63kg, Kanah Andrews-Nahu Womens 69kg, Aotea Frandi Womens 75kg, Montel Tivoli Mens 105kg & Joachim Setefano Mens 105kg+

Youth Gold x 2
Kohu Kawiti Womens 58kg & Isaac Lawgun Mens 69kg

Youth Silver x 3
Paige Lawgun Womens 53kg, Alex Farmiloe Mens 85kg & Benet Kumeroa Mens 94kg+

Youth Bronze x 2
Zoe Virgin Womens 53kg & Kanah Andrews-Nahu Womens 69kg

Team Results

2016 Oceania Junior Mens Team Champions

2016 Oceania Youth Mens Team Champions

2016 Oceania Junior Womens Team Champions

2016 Rio Olympic Qualification Spots

Based off team performances we qualified one male and one female spot to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games!

24 National Records Broken! 

Anthony Taylor 69 Junior Clean & Jerk 149
Anthony Taylor 69 Junior Total 265
David Liti 105+ Junior Snatch 152
David Liti 105+ Junior Snatch 157
David Liti 105+ Junior Clean & Jerk 200
David Liti 105+ Junior Clean & Jerk 206
David Liti 105+ Junior Total 357
David Liti 105+ Junior Total 363
Zoe Virgin 53 U15 Snatch 42
Zoe Virgin 53 U15 Clean & Jerk 55
Zoe Virgin 53 U15 Total 97
Paige Lawgun 53 Youth Snatch 55
Paige Lawgun 53 Youth Clean & Jerk 68
Paige Lawgun 53 Youth Total 123
Andrea Miller 63 Senior Snatch 93
Kanah Andrews-Nahu 69 U15 Snatch 73
Kanah Andrews-Nahu 69 U15 Clean & Jerk 86
Kanah Andrews-Nahu 69 U15 Total 159
Kanah Andrews-Nahu 69 Youth Snatch 73
Kanah Andrews-Nahu 69 Youth Clean & Jerk 86
Kanah Andrews-Nahu 69 Youth Total 159
Tracey Lambrechs 75+ Senior Clean & Jerk 138
Bailey Rogers 75 Senior Snatch 86
Bailey Rogers 75 Senior Total 192

Media Releases

Stuff NZ Article “New Zealand qualify for two weightlifting spots for the Rio Olympics” Click HERE to view

Maori Television Article “New Zealand stacks up 24 medals at Oceania Weightlifting” Click HERE to view

Coaching & Management Team

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.13.39 am

The NZ Coaching Team 

Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand would like to congratulate the following individuals on being selected for the 2016 Oceania NZ Coaching Team.
Adam Storey – Coach
Jacob Lawgun – Coach
Tina Ball – Coach
Simon Kent – Coach
Julian Dempsey – Coach
OWNZ is privileged to have such an experienced and capable group of coaches to assist our athletes at this international event. We thank them in advance for the time and effort that it takes to develop and lead our athletes to perform at their best on the international stage and at a Rio Qualification event. We are confident that our athletes will be honoured to have their support in the lead up, during and post event experience.
The NZ Management Team 
Assisting these coaches is our management team which consists of the following individuals:
John Moss – Team Manager
Emma Pilkington – Assistant Manager

Senior, Junior & Youth Team

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.14.46 am

The NZ Athletes 

Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand would like to congratulate the following athletes on their selection into the 2016 Oceania NZ Weightlifting team attending the 2016 Oceania Weightlifting Championships.


MEN Class


Vester Villalon 69 Phillipa Patterson 53
Richard Patterson 85 Charlotte Moss 53
Anti Hsu 85 Alethea Boon 63
Douglas Sekone-Fraser 94 Andrea Miller 63
Rory Taylor 105 Amanda Gould 69
Joe Pomelile 105 Bailey Rogers 75
David Liti 105+ Tracey Lambrechs 75+
Andy Barakauskas 105+ RESERVES Class
RESERVES Class Vi’vale Gafa 75+
Anthony Taylor 69













MEN Class WOMEN  Class
Anthony Taylor 69 Paige Lawgun 53
Cameron McTaggart 77 Kohu Kawiti 58
Talima Kalauta-Crofts 94 Annah McPherson 63
Vernon Taylor 94 Kanah Andrews-Nahu 69
Montel Tivoli 105 Jessica Asi 69
Brayden Maea-Brown 105 Aotea Frandi 75
Joachim Setefano 105+
David Liti 105+
Issac Lawgun 62
Alex Farmiloe 85


MEN  Class WOMEN  Class
Isaac Lawgun 62 Paige Lawgun 53
Kieren Hempsey 62 Zoe Virgin 53
Alex Farmiloe 85 Kohu Kawiti 58
Benet Kumeroa 94+ Kelsea Elkington 63
Kesniel Setefano 94+ Piper Gwyn 63
Kanah Andrews-Nahu 69+

Funding Contributions

THANK YOU to the generous support of the following organisations for contributing funding to alleviate costs associated with international travel and accommodation for the support staff and athletes listed above.

High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ)

The Southern Trust

North & South Trust

Four Winds Foundation